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    Faci Group has its deep root into the biobased economy since its foundation. All the Faci additives are produced according to the latest standard of sustainability and comes from renewable feedstock.
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    The Group growth has been consistent over the past 60 years and has been always focused on biobased production in any geographical area where Faci is active.
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The company has been involved in the chemical markets for over 50 years, evolving from the production of hydrogenated stearic acid in the post-war period (1949) to the present range of non-toxic stearates. During this period Faci has become a world leader in the oleochemical market, establishing strong relationships with customers over a wide spectrum of industries.

Faci is dedicated to a wholly flexible and responsive production, together with the most efficient distribution system for its products, in order to meet Cutomers' requirements both in quality and service. Faci expansion into the international markets, was greatly aided by the opening of a new production site in Singapore in the year 2000: this was a strategic move specifically designed to serve Faci Customers in the Asia Pacific basin and in the Middle East. A constant focus on quality and environment allowed Faci to achieve and maintain registrations under ISO 9001 since 1994, ISO 14001 since 2001 and OHSAS 18001 since 2002; the Company was also awarded the Certificate of Excellence in 2002.

With reference to the fact that FACI Group operates globally and has a long and successful history and reputation as a reliable global player in chemical, during last 40 years FACI Group has never dealt with any terroristic regime and/or related organization.

With reference also to the fact that FACI Group has presence in the United States and has not, nor is willing to have, any operation in IRAN, FACI Group shall fully comply with any possible regulation as a consequences of the withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA, therefore FACI Group has intensified its best practices and procedures to have a better knowledge of its customers in order to avoid any deal with prohibited and/or sanctioned counterparts.