1949: Company Established

The company was established in 1949 in Genoa.

1950's: Production of stearine

Production developed through the processing of oils and fats (both vegetable and animal origin)

1960's: production of stearates

The production of non-toxic metal salts (calcium, zinc, magnesium) and organic Easters began around 1960's and the production of stearin continued to grow due to increased internal use and external sales
Throughout this period we focused on process technology resulting in unique and innovative production methods

1970's-1980's: internationalisation

Faci S.p.a. was one of the first Italian chemical companies to focus on exports, firstly in Europe and subsequently in Asia, America and globally. Exports continued to grow throughout the 70's.
Throughout this period the range of products produced continued to expand.
During these years the philosophy began to change from one oriented towards production to a new philosophy oriented towards a market focus

1987's-2003: expansion

During this period FACI began to expand by both acquisition and by joint ventures.

  • 1987 - FACI acquires 25% share Pagani, a producer of Stearic Acid based in Bergamo, Italy.
  • 1996 - FACI acquires share in Reinco, entering into the south America (varnish) market for the first time.
  • 1998 - FACI acquires a 50% share in Metalest, a Fatty Acid derivates producer in Spain.
  • 2000 - FACI build a new 10.000 tpa Fatty Acid derivates plant in Singapore.
  • 2003 - FACI acquires UK Stearates production unit