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Our story

In operation since 1943

FACI S.p.A. was founded in 1943 as a result of the commitment and dedication of founders Italo and Giovanni Rossi, who started a business dedicated to the production animal fats and vegetable oils derivatives.

In the 1950s, the production focused on hydrogenated fatty acids, the latter being consequently used in the production of non toxic metallic stearates.

The growing demand resulted in the need to increase the company’s production volumes, which in 1969 led the founders to transfer FACI from Genoa to Carasco.
In the 1970s and 1980s, FACI Group shifted its focus from producing to targeting new markets, thus becoming one of the first Italian chemical businesses aiming at an international positioning. The company’s expansion started in Europe and later moved to Asia, America, and the rest of the world. During such decades the company proved to be increasingly successful on export markets, while constantly including new products in its portfolio.

The end of 1980s marked the actual beginning of the international expansion of FACI Group: the company took over several other businesses, increased its production capacity and also built new plants from green field:


The production of fatty acid esters kicks off in Carasco, Italy.


FACI Group acquires 25% of the shares in Pagani, a producer of stearic acid based in Bergamo, Italy.


The production of ESBO kicks off in Carasco, Italy, while FACI Group partially acquires Productos Metales, producer of fatty acid derivatives based in Zaragoza, Spain. The latter will be fully taken over in 2007.


FACI Group acquires a share in Reinco, making its debut in the South American market.


FACI Group builds a new metallic stearates plant in Singapore.


FACI Group takes over a stearates production plant in Knowsley, UK (currently known as FACI UK).


The production of fatty acid esters kicks off in the Singapore production plant.


FACI Group builds a new stearates production plant in Zhangjiagang (China). Since 2016, FACI China has also been producing fatty acid esters.

Subsequently, the Group continued its geographical expansion within its product portfolio and by strengthening and expanding production in the pre-existing sites.


A new production unit is commissioned in Singapore for the production of water based dispersions of metallic stearates used as additives in the rubber industry. Later on, in 2016, a new production line is implemented for the same category of products in order to meet both the growing demand of Eastern markets, and the needs of multinational companies in the tyre rubber industry.


FACI Group takes over UK and US eChem plants, making its debut in the USA. The two units are respectively located in Leeds, UK, and Lufkin, Texas, USA. The above mentioned company was and still is a leader in its industry, i.e. the production and trade of water dispersions used in the market segments of rubber and paper. Throughout the same year, another plant for the production of dispersions is commissioned in the Metalest plant, in Spain.


In order to pursue a Group Governance commensurate to the size and organization requirements of the company, the holding company FACI Corporate S.p.A. is created.

Since the following year, the Group has consistently invested in its existing production plants in order to achieve greater efficiency while increasing the company’s production capacity. In 2022, FACI Group further strengthens its positioning in the USA, with the start-up of a new metallic stearates production unit in the existing plant in Lufkin, Texas.