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FACI Metalest, S.L.U.

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FACI Metalest S.L.U.

Founded in Zaragoza in 1966 and formerly known as Productos Metalest, in 1980 the company was relocated to the industrial area of Malpica, where metallic stearates (calcium, zinc, magnesium), and more specifically aluminium stearate, used to be manufactured. Over the past decades the product portfolio was extended and diversified with a wide range of different kinds of liquid esters (mainly of stearic or oleic acid). Such products are generally used in a wide range of industries as lubricants for their features, as stabilizers and acid scavangers for their metallic content, and as dispersants and process aids for their peculiar features and properties.

Between 1998 and 2007, Productos Metalest was completely taken over and renamed FACI METALEST S.L.U.. Being part of FACI Group, global leader in the industry, means taking part in a commercial, production and research synergy which makes the company reliable and trustworthy in several fields of application. In 2014, the plant was equipped with the machinery needed for the production of water based dispersions of metallic soaps.



Pol. Malpica - 50016 Zaragoza - Spain
Phone: + 34 (976) 574375
Fax: + 34 (976) 572730

FACI Group

In the years following its inception, FACI Group gained an excellent reputation in the oleochemicals industry, first through international trade, and then taking over new plants in Europe, America and Asia. Such expansion strategy resulted in creating FACI Group, which presently consists of seven production plants located in three continents. FACI Group is the largest producer of nontoxic metallic stereate, as well as one of the global leading producers of additives for plastics such as lubricants, co-stabilizers, acid decontaminants and release agents.