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Mission and Sustainability

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FACI Group’s values


Since the inception of the Company, FACI Group has focused on process technology, achieving efficiency through unique and cutting-edge production methods. FACI Group’s experience, along with its corporate values, stem from the constant interaction with many cultures across the globe. In such framework, FACI Group proactively focused on reaching optimal results in terms of both quality and environmental sustainability. The main pillar of FACI Group’s production process has always been the circularity of economy. The ability to process and add value to by-products, residues or off-specs products coming from the production of vegetable oils or animal fats has determined the success of the company’s supply chain.

FACI Group stands out for its strong expertise and excellent skills, as well as for its deep understanding of the chemical mechanisms allowing to adjust the volatile and complex features of natural feedstock to the quality requirements of a wide variety of industries and applications.

The use of natural feedstock in the production of additives for industrial applications is a responsible way to achieve a better quality of life and to be more environmentally friendly.

Guaranteed Quality, Respect for the Environment” is a key approach and a core value of the identity of FACI Group, resulting from decades of experience and business in several markets. Embedded in such sustainability culture is our ethics and social responsibility – this means that in order to meet the financial and commercial goals of the Group, the company operations are aligned to the principles of respect for the individuals and environmental protection.

Green Deal


Sustainability for FACI Group entails an industrial system and vision of sustainable value creation to maximize the total value captured and guarantee underlying capital for future added value. The Group development has been visualized and designed to pursue sustainability not only in terms of economic value creation but also in terms of social and environmental sustainability which the Group is committed to and aims at evolving.

The main pillars in supporting the “Green Deal” are the circularity of the economy, aiming to incentivize and increase the recycling and re-use of materials, and the full development of so-called bio-based economy, in turn aiming to incentivize and increase the production of renewable biological resources and the conversion of such resources, residues and by products into value added products.

The oleochemical industry is, by definition, and since its inception, based on renewable biological feedstock like fats and oils.

FACI Group, in its century of activity, played a key role in shaping the oleochemical industry around the world developing various derivatives which are based on renewable feedstock and find application as additives in several industry segments from pharmaceutical to rubber, passing through personal care, paper, lubricants and plastic.

In particular plastic is one of the applications where FACI Group invested most of its efforts developing additives which can sustain and support the principles of the Green Deal, helping plastic producers in substituting additives based on non-renewable feedstock and improving the possibility of plastic recycling. In this regard FACI Group developed a series of plastic lubricants (in particular for PVC) which can effectively replace non-renewable based additives (i.e., phthalic anhydride based) and can better support the re-use of plastic. The products are marketed under the name of “Faci L series” and find nowadays extensive application in the market. The product performance has been well appreciated by the market which has now almost completed the transition towards “renewable additives”.

Besides plastic additives, as said above, FACI Group has a wide range of additives manufactured according to the principle of circularity and from renewable feedstock that find application in personal care, pharmaceuticals, rubber, paper, feed, building industry and many other market sectors.

FACI Group is a member of APAG, organisation including all the biggest European companies in the oleochemical industry.

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Ethics and social responsibility

Under each and every aspect of the company, FACI Group’s day-to-day commitment to the environment is aligned to its ethics and social responsibility.

Social sustainability

The internationalization of the Group implies a daily intercultural interaction which enriches the collective human capital while making FACI Group a cutting-edge business. Such distinguishing factor also translates into a caring and respectful attitude towards the land where FACI Group plants operate. FACI Group constantly engages in local sponsorships and partnerships, and is now opening up to energy saving solutions. To date, the plants located in Carasco, Italy, and Singapore are equipped with solar panels, which reduce the operation impact on the surrounding areas. The above mentioned examples are but a few aspects of a much more ambitious project of responsible and sustainable growth that FACI Group builds day after day.
Social sustainability
Environmental protection

Environmental protection

FACI Group focuses on operating in compliance with the environmental sustainability principles, while reducing its environmental impact and designing more and more sustainable products. The organisation also takes into account local stakeholders’ and customers’ requests, whose strategies are deeply rooted in the principles of environmental protection, while also carefully selecting its suppliers according to how they perform in terms of sustainability.
Such process of continuous and progressive improvement involves all the employees within FACI Group. The goal is to make sure that environmental sustainability represents a shared target embedded in the company’s strategy, the latter being based on eight key points:
  • Reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing
  • Meeting and, whenever possible, exceeding environmental standards
  • Reducing the amount of feedstock used in manufacturing
  • Using recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible
  • Raising staff awareness in order to reduce waste and excessive feedstock consumption
  • Defining programmes aiming to design and manage facilities in compliance with standards defined by the law
  • Taking into account environmental issues in all business operations of the Group
  • Facing promptly, mindfully and responsibly any negative environmental impacts caused by past business practices

Such core principles embedded in the company strategy make FACI Group the ideal partner for any customer company which cares about the environment and its protection.

People protection

Not only are FACI Group’s values reflected in the product portfolio, but also in the skills and abilities of its staff. This is why the Group constantly invests in the personal and professional growth of its staff, while creating an inclusive and safe working environment.
FACI Group promotes equality of opportunities between women and men of different nationalities, cultures, and religions, valuing the social and cultural background of each and every employee as a collective legacy for the company. FACI Group’s staff participate in training courses aiming to enhance individual aptitudes and skills. This in turn ensures a constant growth and improvement in the manufacturing of FACI Group products that both the company and its external stakeholders can benefit from.
People protection