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FACI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

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FACI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Built from green field, the Singapore plant opened in 2000 solely producing metallic stearates. Shortly after, the site capacity was strengthened and the portfolio extended to include a range of esters for a wide variety of applications. At a later stage the unit was also equipped with new machinery for the production of water based dispersions of metallic stearates used as additives in the rubber industry.

The production includes: calcium stearate, magnesium stearate, zinc stearate, sodium and potassium stearate, calcium and zinc laurate, as well as fatty acid esters including Stearyl Cetyl Stearate (CETS), Ethylene Glycol Distearate (EGDS), GlycerylMonoOleate (GMO), PentaErythritol Distearate (PEDS), PentaErythritol Tetrastearate (PETS) e Glyceryl Monostearate (GMS).



Jurong Island - Singapore 627862
Phone: + 65 6896 7088
Fax: + 65 6896 7015

FACI Group

In the years following its inception, FACI Group gained an excellent reputation in the oleochemicals industry, first through international trade, and then taking over new plants in Europe, America and Asia. Such expansion strategy resulted in creating FACI Group, which presently consists of seven production plants located in three continents. FACI Group is the largest producer of nontoxic metallic stereate, as well as one of the global leading producers of additives for plastics such as lubricants, co-stabilizers, acid decontaminants and release agents.