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Faci S.p.A.

Our production plant located in Carasco, Italy, also the company’s headquarters, still produces stearic acid derivatives, either vegetable or animal derived. The plant utilizes proprietary technology and know-how, as well as cutting-edge expertise.

The company’s wide experience and dedication to constantly prompt technological innovation make sure the production and supply of our products meet international quality standards in a framework of environmental and human health protection.

Our production plant located in Carasco, Italy, currently manufactures a wide portfolio of products, including: metallic stearates (calcium, zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium), water based dispersions of metallic soaps, a range of products for the building industry which function as waterproofing agents for mortars and plasters.

It also boasts the production of a wide range of fatty acid esters such as: Ethylene-di-stearamide (EDS), EGDS, pentaerythritol esters (PETS, PEDS), glyceryl esters (GMS, GMO, GDO), specific complex esters for the plastic industry, and secondary plasticizers such as epoxidized soya bean oil.



Via Privata Devoto, 36
16042 Carasco Genova, Italia
Tel. +39 0185 36141
Fax +39 0185 361492


FACI Group

In the years following its inception, FACI Group gained an excellent reputation in the oleochemicals industry, first through international trade, and then taking over new plants in Europe, America and Asia. Such expansion strategy resulted in creating FACI Group, which presently consists of seven production plants located in three continents. FACI Group is the largest producer of nontoxic metallic stereate, as well as one of the global leading producers of additives for plastics such as lubricants, co-stabilizers, acid decontaminants and release agents.