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Production Standards

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Production standards

FACI Group is active in the manufacturing of nontoxic metallic soaps (calcium, zinc, magnesium, sodium, aluminium and potassium stearates and oleates) and in the production of fatty acid esters. Besides fatty acid esters and metallic soaps, fatty amides (etilenbistearamide) and epoxidized soya bean oil, FACI Group produces water based dispersions of calcium, zinc, magnesium and aluminium stearate.


Historically FACI Group evolved and progressed from the early days of post war Italy, as the country’s nascent oleochemical industry began to flourish. The Company was mainly active in the production of fatty acids, in particular stearic acid utilized in soaps and detergents, candles, rubber and other industrial application. Nowadays FACI Group still produces stearic acid in its plant located in Carasco, Italy, while all other production units utilize stearic acid outsourced from the Group. FACI Group's product portfolio continues to be deeply rooted in the bio-based economy, leading the way in the production of oleochemicals from renewable feedstock either vegetable or animal derived. Since the inception of the business the circularity of the economy was an intrinsic factor of success for the sector which is based on the ability to process and add value to a wide range of feedstock, including by-products, residues and/or off-specs products coming from the production of vegetable oils and animal fats.

Fatty acid esters

CETS, EGDS, GMO, PEDS, PETS, GMS, as well as other complex esters

Water based dispersions of metallic soaps

Calcium, zinc, magnesium, and aluminium

Metallic stearates

Calcium, zinc, magnesium, sodium, and potassium

Additives for plastics

Lubricants, co-stabilizers, and plasticizers

Dealing with “additives” imposes a “culture of the quality”, the latter representing the central tenet behind FACI Group’s vision. The concept is strictly embedded into all aspects of operation, to avoid a compromise in terms of quality that can often be the consequence of an indiscriminate expansion of products and production facilities. Each and every FACI Group product is compliant with the REACH regulation. FACI Group provides a uniform solution with regards to its sites of operation to guarantee consistency. This industrial setup can grant a solid business continuity plan to FACI Group partners, since all production facilities can produce the same items with the same technology, product quality, quality standard and feedstock.